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Upcycling mobiles
In the last decade, upcycling- the process of turning used and unwanted materials into something of aesthetic or practical value- has boomed as an art form, spawning a whole new chapter of design. But many of the skills needed to transform materials such as metal, wood and plastic, into objects of art have been lost or are skills now too costly in the West to make the business of upcycling profitable.

But in Africa, and in Senegal especially, those skills are alive and well. On every corner in Dakar there are carpenters, metal workers and tailors, all existing within the city’s rich arts scene. Loman’s hanging mobiles gather these skills and objects considered ‘rubbish’ and use them to create unique pieces of art that can make any home or outdoor space look special.

Each piece has its own character- either dressed up with the use of glitterballs or simply designed to catch the wind so that the piece turns in the wind and sparkles in the light- and they are all made by hand, with love and great attention to detail.

upcycling, recycling converting metals
mobiles, forms the use of petals.
some use wood, paper plastic
the outcome absolutely fantastic!
care for the environment
you can enjoy retirement.
other people can throw and waste
be creative and enjoy the taste.
world rejoice we have productivity
this is great cause for conductivity.
if ugly and useless don‘t waste time
convert it to something useful and fine
think quality everlasting
it will be better than fasting!

Loman Pawlitschek
i have been living in dakar for the last three
years. i don‘t have an art back ground and its
only through the people that i came in contact
with that prompted me to explore the avenue of
using our collective creative talents to generate
a self-sustaining business that will help all those
involved to uplift themselves. this is a great
opportunity to express my creativity and at the
same time inspire others around me, thus
hopefully keeping a chain of inspiration alive!

Loman Art
Mamelles N°1, Cité Ouakam
Dakar, Senegal
NEW! www.lomanartsen.com

Loman Pawlitschek
T : +221 76 335 71 72
E: info@lomanartsen.com

Loman Pawlitschek

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