Nouvel album de Matador “VOX POPULI”

Nouvel album de Matador “VOX POPULI”

Sortie Album « VOX POPULI » le 03 novembre 2012 au Sénégal.

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03/Novembre/2012 // Balajo Dakar // Sénégal
10/Novembre/2012 // COMPLEXE L.S.S. de Pikine // Sénégal
15/Novembre/2012 // INSTITUT FRANÇAIS Dakar // Sénégal

Design & Photos
Sandy Haessner

Client : Matador
Prestation : Conception et création d’outils de communication et de promotion

Volume : Conception de pochette d’album, Logo, Affiche, Séance photo, Calendrier de poche

Date : 03/11/2012

Matador CD Artwork

About the Author

Sandy Haessner, born in 1977, studied graphic design at ecosign-academy in Cologne. 2001 journey to Dakar for field research for the realisation of a promotion concept for the senegalese percussion group Mama Africa followed by a photo exhibition at Passagen in Cologne. 2002 longer stay in Senegal for practical work and experience in a publicity agency Publicom and collaborations with different local musicians and artists. 2004 photo exhibitions »Modern Griots - Rapper in Dakar« in Düsseldorf and »Mama Africa - The Village« in Bad Honnef (Germany). 2005 - 2006 moving exhibitions »WORDVISION« in Senegal (5th Edition of Hip Hop Awards, Galerie MAAM TIOUTH, Goethe-Institut Dakar). Since 2005 living and working as a graphic designer/ photographer in Dakar/Senegal.